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Time’s Up in Tiny Town is a fast-paced City Builder, in pocket-sized world..

As mayor and founder of Tiny Town, explore your world, Construct buildings, Collect food and Colonize!

Build fast to Avoid Stagnation! The faster your town grows, the more time you have to further it's development.

But Beware, your production depends on your small world's Natural Environment. If it collapses, so may your town's people know deprivation and famine...


Welcome and thank you for checking out our new title!

Please join the Discord channel here to give us your impressions : https://discord.gg/sykCdQyW

Beta testing has ended and we are now releasing Tiny Town. However, we will be updating the game regularly and any and all feedback is welcome !

Road map

The game is now in it’s v1.0 release version and is available on iPhone and Android devices (AppStore + GooglePlay).

A PC version will be released in Autumn 2021 on Steam and Itch.io.

Release v1.0 (WHAT'S NEW !?) :

  • Now available on iPhone and iPad!

  • Title change to better fit new game-play
    • Game-play no longer revolves around "present" and "future" states of the game. New mechanics revolve rather on spatial management and a time-crisis mechanics. So, from "Future Town", we've moved to the title "Time's up in Tiny Town".
    • Animated title on main menu
  • General graphics overhaul
    • Pixel-perfect resolution fix to accommodate for view-port scaling to non integral values
    • Windmill redesign with higher frame-rate animation
    • Animated Mines
    • Fade-out/fade-in transitions, to and from the Main Menu and the End Screen
    • Animated studio logo splash screen
  • Tutorial overhaul
    • Interactive step-by-step narrative presentation of buildings, ressources, map-expansion mechanics and time-crisis mechanics
    • Can be activated / deactivated from main menu

  • Information and HUD overhaul
    • Audio and visual cues during population change
    • Resource scarcity notification
    • Real-time score estimation
    • A "fast forward" button which appears when wood stock and production are critical

  • New Musical Theme for Main Menu and the End Screen

  • Game Play balancing
    • Made mines an unlock-able feature: they are introduced into the game, via a short tutorial sequence, only after earning a 1'500-point score.
    • Two new bonuses built around the mine building: "Paradox of plenty", a negative bonus reflecting the adverse effect a resource extraction centered economy can have on long-term growth and wealth inequality + "Special interests", a positive bonus reflecting the conflict of interest that exists between political decision makers and industrial corporations.
    • Mine cost progression Flattened to allow more mines per play-through
    • Ore score modifier doubled (now, 1 ore = 20 points), to incentivize mine building despite high-risk mechanics
    • Map expansion rate flattened to extend game time and allow for more diverse play
    • Changed "Megalopolis" negative bonus, which was based on population size only, to a renamed "Extreme Urbanization" bonus which is attributed on high density of a large number of houses (rather than quantity alone), reflecting the degredation of living conditions observed in densly populated cities.
    • Doubled value of the "Sub-urban living" positive bonus, to reflect the positive impact on quality-of-life of lower density housing and every-day access to natural areas, the fact that today it is a sought-out life-style, as well as the difficulty of designing sub-urban cities in a spatially restricted contexts.
    • other minor tweaks...

  • Bugfixes
    • Incomplete mine collapsing bug
    • Flying meeples bug
    • Wheat black-market bug
    • Meeple height offset bug
    • Other minor bugs...

Beta v3.0 update (... that's old) :

  • The future is now Their is no longer a Present and a Future. Instead : 
    • The Player has a limited number of years to build his town, but every 20 population gained, he unlocks a larger time budget to further development
    • The map starts out smaller than in the beta v2.0, but after each density threshold, the map expands a notch
  • Mine your own business New building available: the Mine    
    • Mines are 4 times as large as other buildings
    • Mines produce a new ressouce, called Ore. While Ore has no specif use (it does not feed your people, nor does it help you build better buildings), accumulating ore strongly contributes to the player's final score
    • Mines, well... mine tiles. Mined tiles are unfit for agriculture or forest growth
    • Over time, mines can weaken the tiles they have mined and ultimately cause them to collapse, taking with them any structure built on top
  • You'll be held accountable A total of 19 specific bonuses are now attributed according to play-through. If, for example, the Player places his fields in an optimal manner - making sure his fields are always in contact with either water or forests -, he will be attributed a positive bonus for good permacultural practice. If, however, over exploitation and rapid development has led to the collapse of his natural environment, for example, the player will be attributed a negative bonus for disregarding his town folk's long-term survival
  • "Stage Clear!" Better Score Screen. The score screen is now more dynamic and easier to read (inspired by Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog)

Beta v2.0 update (... that's older):

  • Wind mills now produce food by adding-up yield from adjacent fields
  • Fields are no longer generated on startup, but are created alongside wind mills
  • Fields' yield depend on adjacency to water tiles and tiles with trees (1, 2 or 4 food per field, per tick)
  • Lumber yards now chop-down trees
  • Trees have a chance of spawning new trees on adjacent tiles
  • When there are no more trees on map, all green tiles turn brown and fields non-adjacent to water tiles have a chance to as well
  • Score calculation changed to give more weight to population growth and forest size
  • End screen display revamped (bigger text, context sensitive comments, comparison of initial and final score,...)
  • HUD revamped (color coordination and alignment)
  • Visual display of building resource production
  • Pause button and sound on/off button
  • PC versions store game statics on local machine for game analysis and balancing
  • Animated fields
  • Animated clouds
  • Animated water

Planned features after launch:

  • Unlock-able tiles and building skins:
    • Low-rez
    • Textmode
    • Winter theme
  • Make the tension more visible between the imperative to build more and build fast on one hand, and the necessity to plan for a more balanced city on the other. This might include:
    • additional explanations on tutorial,
    • pop-up commentaries on score screen,
    • specific score bonuses to reinforce that understanding,
  • Social network and support links on the main menu (Discord, Twitter and Mail)
  • Improvements to main menu layout
  • Improvements to some of the audio FX and add in some new audio cues during the different menus.
  • New intro theme and variations on end-screen themes to fit the relative success of the play-through
  • Visual cues to accompany the musical speed-up when time is running out

Not-so-planned-but-maybe-later features :

  • Pirates!!!
  • Game-graph showing town growth statics (trees, wood, food, population, score)
  • Endless mode
  • … player requested content.

Development log


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