"Ouch, my head hurts
- Where am I ?
- Hello ?
- ...
- Man, am I thirsty
- Hellooo ?
- Can I at least get a glass of water, please ?"


L'Antichambre is a Kafkian roguelike adventure,

in homage to the 1997 horror movie, "Cube".

Made for the 7drl Challenge
by @FishTaod
music by Memoraphile @ You're Perfect Studio



1) If you were put here, in this wack-job's idea of a puzzle, then their must be at least one exit. It would be utterly pointless, otherwise... Right ?

2) Watch out for moral. L'Antichambre will test your brains as much as your nerves.
Anger and Fear will slowly rise each time you witness a trap going off. And the more time you spend in this colorful cube-shaped hell, the more chances you have of completely loosing it.

3) Find strength in numbers. In order to survive the machinations of L'Antichambre, look for other experiment subjects such as yourself.
Always check adjacent rooms before moving on,  and double check corners by panning the camera (left and right keys).
Not only will other people have more boots to throw around, but each has his own abilities and perks. And working together might just be the key to finding the exit.. If there even is an exit. (Shut up, Kevin).

4) Each party member contributes to the group's survival in a different way:

  • John the cop : his brutish ways may spark conflict within your group, but his confidence helps keep the others' fear in check.
  • Helen the doctor : you never know when you may need a doctor, especially in a trap-infested maze. Helen raises the chances a party member has of surviving a trap.
  • Jacques the escapist : He's escaped 7 maximum security prisons. Jacques can spot some traps without using a boot. A useful skill, for sure.
  • Maria the student : She's good with numbers. After a few rooms, she might just figure out which ones are trapped and which are safe.
  • Kevin the office worker : He's a nihilist. His unwanted commentaries and general gloominess have an impact on moral. On the up-side, a lifetime of cynicism has made him pretty much stress proof.
  • And Sophie... Well, Sophie doesn't say much.  She's mostly content doing math puzzles and word games. Might even help Maria figure out some traps.


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I  use win 7.Thank you in advance for your help 

Are your difficulties with the web browser? If so, can you download the exe file and try that ?

Hello,I am interested in your project,I want to play it,but it does not start.The game freezes on startup, what to do?I hope you respond UPD:I write through a translator

I'm sorry to hear that! What plateform are you using? Mac+html has known issues. Try downloading mac game (if you are on a mac), rather than using the browser. Let me konw, I'll do what I can to fix the issue.


I'm still in the cube. . .

Waiting. . .

Wanting answers..

So many questions..

Such a fascinating concept and intriguing game. Unfortunately, Sophie and I are still trapped in the game with no where else to run. No more boots. No more friends. No more beautifully colored cubes. Just us alone trapped forever always wondering why. The ultimate existential punishment. Fantastic job in adapting the movie concepts into the game. So absurd I loved it.

Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The cube is one of my favorite movies and I had a great time adapting it. :)

The concept is really funny I like it.  The isometric presentation is also really nice with chunky pixels.

I agree its really hard haha :)

Good job though!

Thanks, glad you like it.

I'm thinking of dialling down the difficulty a notch.. But the arbitrary nature of the cube and it's unforgivingness is also part of the message. :)

Let me know if you get to one of the endings. :)

Well done, love the athmosphere and concept ! pretty hard thought:p

thanks! :)