H.M.S. Guppy 

Find the power source and save your offshore colony!

Made to play on Android with headphones.


  • Find Relay stations on the ocean floor to gain extra cable length
  • Blue buttons : Ascend and Dive
  • Red button : Go forward
  • Scrolling Cog : Rotate (drag to rotate)
  • In and Out buttons : toggle cable release

Made for the GoGodotJam 2021

Art made with MrmoText and KitchenSink.

Follow us at: @Fishtaod @Taletronic


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very cool game! it scared the hell out of me the first time tho.

one thing i would improve is marking the mine's range.

(1 edit) (+1)

Haha! Me too. I think the alarm is quite... alarming! ;)

Happy you enjoyed it. 

That's a good idea. We will be making a few adjustments in the days to come. Stay-tuned for a post-jam version.