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Dungeon Marauders

Enter the realm of "Dungeon Marauders," a rogue-lite collectible card game that turns your pocket into an epic adventure!

Dungeon Marauders is currently a print-and-play prototype game.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Discord: https://discord.gg/3bZhTSRwgg

Twitter: @FishTaod


In Dungeon Marauders, every adventure starts with two card types:

  1. Hero Card: Your personal character sheet that tracks your hero's attributes, coins, and equipment.
  2. Dungeon Card: Your guide through the perilous dungeon, complete with a map, encounter tables, and game rules.

Every dungeon card offers a new, unique adventure with a distinct layout, a set of monsters, a boss, and treasure waiting to be claimed. As your hero ventures further, they'll dodge traps, combat foes, and gain valuable gear and attribute boosts. The ultimate aim? Conquer the boss, seize the dungeon's loot, and prepare your hero for their next quest.

For more on the game, it's rules and influences: https://medium.com/@FishTaod/keep-it-small-keep-it-rogue-76dc95fb6af6

Printing Recommendations

  • Card dimensions: 63.5mm x 88.9mm
  • Front and back
  • Matte finish 350g color paper
  • With rounded corners
  • Color format and profile: CMYK/8 and US Web Coated (SWOP) v2.


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I'm about to print these up. This looks super fun. Would having 12 'Rolls' slots, instead of 10, and choosing where to put two of each number work? That way you have each number twice, and you don't have to ask anyone for random numbers. 

Blank Character and Dungeon cards would also be great! I'm hoping this gets some development, it is an amazing idea, especially having defeated characters become loot!

Thank you!! I'm glad you like it. Let me know how it plays. :)

Part of the design was to have unique "seeds" for dungeons rather than making it part of the gameplay. With an arbitrary set of rolls, the player must find a safe route to the end, ie. an optimal combination of moves with the rolls they have.

Asking someone for numbers was my favorite way of getting the 'rolls,' but you can also use actual dice to generate them or other methods, such as the one you describe. :) 

I did want to make a blank set with rules for making dungeons and characters. Haven't gotten around to it yet.

Wow!... esto se ve realmente compacto y genial... Deseando probarlo y ver nuevo material!

Gracias!! Me alegro que te gustas!!
Ya me contarás qué tal. :)


Very cool! I hope to see this game evolve with more heroes and more dungeons for us to explore. People here in Brazil are really enjoying the game.


Thank you so much! I'm very grateful for the interest and for your review!! :)

I'm currently working on other projects. But I hope to work on it some more in the future!

trop stylé !

Merci, mec!!! :)